Ethan HawkMature

My phone rang loudly, interrupting my already broken sleep. It had been a long weekend chasing bad guys and I really wasn’t in the humour for more bad news. Especially since I still hadn’t caught this gang of thieves that we’d been after for months.
After several rings I decided that I should answer the call and I hit the answer button without even looking at the caller ID. “Yes?”

“Ethan, it’s me,”

Oh that voice…the Director only ever called me when something major was wrong.
“Director. Is everything ok?” I sat up straight as he explained to me the details of the latest robbery. This was getting too close to home for comfort. I felt like they were targeting me personally every single time. Apparently they were becoming increasingly violent now though and had shot a security guard. I shivered involuntarily as I hung up the phone.

They were building up to something, but what?

Standing up from the sofa I walked into the kitchen of my house. It was pretty bare around here considering I spent so much time away, I had never really had the chance to decorate or personalise my place in any way. I wished I had more time, or someone to come home to or something. It was like a dead place, a stop-over. Almost clinically clean. I wasn’t a neat freak or anything. I just didn’t have stuff to make a mess.

Pulling the fridge door open I shivered again, this time at the chill on my bare skin. I should probably put a t-shirt on. My muscles rippled a little as they tightened in the cold draught of the refrigerator as I took out the juice and drank it straight from the carton. Not like I had anyone to share it with so who cares if I give myself my own germs. I looked at the date afterwards. ‘Shit, it’s been gone off since last Tuesday.’ I shrugged and eyed the carton for a couple of seconds before chugging the last of it down. ‘It’s not milk, it’s ok.’ I thought to myself as I chucked the carton in the trash.

Wandering into the bathroom I glared sleepily at my reflection. My sandy hair was getting a bit long and a couple of locks got in my eyes as I yawned and tilted my head forwards a bit. I rubbed my chin thoughtfully, feeling the fresh stubble from the weekend of not shaving, it was sharp but somehow comforting beneath my fingers. Even though I hadn’t been on holiday in years my skin still had that sun-kissed hue that came from growing up on the Florida coast. My eyes were tired but somehow they seemed more blue today than ever. I lent my elbows on the sink and rested my head across my arms for a moment. “ugghhhhh” I groaned. “I FUCKING HATE MONDAYS!!!” I looked back up at my reflection with a mournful expression. “I suppose since I can’t sleep I should really go do a workout and take a shower.” I told myself.

"Señor Hawk?” a voice called out tentatively. “You have guest?” It was Margarite, the cleaning lady.

“No Margarite, I’m just talking to myself again.” I called back.

“You white people are crazy!” she shouted back and I laughed before turning back to the mirror again. “No actually, something tells me today will be a workout in itself. I think you should take a shower and get something decent to eat Ethan. You look like shit.”
‘Why thank you Me.’ I turned on the faucet and stretched, my muscles screaming at me as they slowly woke up. 8am was by far the worst time of the morning.

The End

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