Rubbish in my head.

Lyra Mae (that's me) has too much to stuff in her brain, so she writes it all down. She also happens to be famous.

4:23 am

Siiiiiiiigh. I can't believe that tomorrow, I'll be able to say: I'll be thirteen tomorrow! Except it is tomorrow, if you see what I mean.

4:26 am

I. Can't. Sleep! I've tried everything: wandering round, counting sheep, watching TV, eating Ben and Jerry's straight out of the tub... my brain won't shut up! It has too much to say for itself. D'you know, I might just listen to what it has to say, you never know, miracles happen.

5:14 am

They don't.

I've just wasted  a whole hour of my life listening to all the rubbish in my head. A whole hour!  That's a whole hour of my life I'll never get back again. I will never sleep! I zzzzzzz...

The End

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