Sam wakes up in the year 3000. Why? To save the world of rubbish. Can he do it? Can he make the people of his time belive that this is going to work? Let's hope so.

It was a cold and miserable August morning, rain trickled down the wimdow as the boy selpt. Sobs filled the room it was coming from the next room over, it was his little brother Paul. The boy slowly opened is eyes and sat up; he heard foot steps coming towards the room.

"Sammy go heat up a bottle for Paul please"

Sam rolls his eyes at his mother, who had just poked her head through the door.

"Don't worry, I'll get it" his mother shook her head and stormed down the stairs, the house shook with every step she took.

Sam sank back down into his pillow and drifted back to sleep.


"Is he dead" a little girl looked down at Sam.

"Don't know" a boy who had to be around two years older than the girl shugged.

The little girl picked up the stick and handed it to the boy. "Poke him"

The boys's eyes fixed on Sam who was lying on the ground. "No you poke him" he past the stick back to the little girl.

Sam awoke, knowing instinctively that something was wrong. The air was laced with a wired better smell.

"Where am I" Sam rubbed his eyes, "And who are you"

"Well I'm Jack and this is my little sister Lilly and you're in South Bank" Jack pointed to a sign that said 'Welcome to South Bank'

Sam looked at the sign, there was something about it, it was different, the sign was floating in mid air.

"What South Bank?" Sam rubbed his eyes and pinched himself to see if he was dreaming.

"Hello! It's in Brisbane" Lilly said in a bossy voice.

"I'm not stupied I know where south bank is, I live not far from here" Sam stood up and looked up, the cars were flying.

They didn't really look like cars, they looked like the car out of BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Sam looked at his watch the hands did not move. "What's the date today"

Jack looked at his watch. "Umm, it's the 28th of August.

"WHAT" Sam could feel a head ache coming on. "What year than?"

"The year 3000" Lilly told him.

Sam thought something was not right about Jack and Lilly, they looked perfect; too perfect not a pimple in sight and they are not even close to being overweight. Jack looked like well Sam didn't know he looked like, well he looked like a guy that all the boys in his class wanted to look like and Lilly she looked like daddy's little princess she was hot.

"How old are you guys?" Sam asked.

"Well I'm fourteen and Jack is sixteen is that ok?"

Sam nodded. Just as Sam was going to ask how did he get here? Jack butted in.

"I now how and why you are here"

"What? How? Tell me" Sam really wanted to know.

"No time to explain, come on" Jack runs into the bush.

So Sam and Lilly had no choice but to follow. The next thing Sam knew  they were walking through a dark allaway, Sam noticed the smell of died fish and cat piss mixed together, he held his hand to his mouth to stop himself from spewing up.

"In here" Lilly grabbed Sam's hand and pulled him into the tiny little hut.

There was a green light coming from up the hallway.

"Professor Cahill" Jack called out.

"Ohh, Jack, what..." Professor Cahill looked at Sam and knew he was not from around here. "Jack wh-what is that an-and where did he come from?"

"I think you know what and who he is" Lilly put her hands on her hips.

Professor Cahill was speechless, he knew mayor Cartman told him not to, not to bring him here just yet and just to wait. Yet the Professor knew it was only a matter of time before it happened, the world needed saving now not later, to save he world. Sam just stood there waiting for someone to tell him what the hell was going on, he wanted a answer NO. But he was still was in to much shook to ask what was happening.

"Mayor Cartman is not going to be happy with you" Lilly looked as if she was about to hit him.

"Yeh, well about that, how aboout we tell it and then tell the mayor later when the time is right" The Proferssor looked back at Sam.

Sam looked back at him he was getting sick and tired of who ever this crazy looking guy calling him IT.

"So, boy, are you willing to help us or are you chicken" The Professor started to move around like a chicken.

Sam still didn't know what was going on. "What am I supposed to help you with" he said with puzzled face.

The Professor looked at Jack than to Lilly. "You haven't told him?"

Jack shook his head. "We throught it would be better if you broke the news to him"

Lilly nodded.

Professor Cahill walk over to the windo "Ok well you have been chosen to save the world and this it ne..."

"Stop, stop hold on one minture, I'm the chosen one? How can that be dude? I'm only thriteen." Sam interrupted.

"Yes well I was getting to that before you rudly interrupted, well the world needs saving, its going to end in ten years."

Sm's eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head. He whispered "How"

"It's a problem that  even your time is trying to fix, here try this" The Professor handed him a piece of what looked like gum. "Oh by the way that's not gum so you have to swallow it"

Sam took a bite a bite "Yum, this is the best what is it?"

"Rubbish" he smiled

Sam spat it out and started to choke "What?"

"Well this is how the rubbish problem can be solvd and before you ask, why don't we just use it? Its to late, its up to you"

Sam looked at him and throught about it for a minture or two. "I'll do it"

The Professor beamed and gave him what he needed to make it.

"Thank-you so much Sam, you don't know how much this means to me." Professor Cahill shook his hands.

"Yes thank-you" Jack and Lilly beamed.

"Good luck, it should work, I hope it does, I am sick and tired of this smell"

"How do I get back" Sam asked hoping that there was a way back home.

"Just throw there in the time machine it will take you back to the time when you came here, of you go" The Professor pointed down the hallway.

Sam turned around "Ok bye, oh and just on more thing, why do you guys look, well, so perfect?" This was something that had been bugging him all day.

"It's a tablet and it makes you look like, who ever you want" Professor Cahill pulled out a tabler. "And no, you can't take back."

"Cool" Sam was laughing as he entered the time machine.

"Bye" Jack and Lilly waved good-bye


Sam woke up and through to himself was this all a dream but there lying in his hands was a picece of paper telling him what was needed.

"Mum, mum guess what?"


"We are pleased to announce his award to Samuel Peter Morgan for his brilliant idea on saving the environment" Mayor Lee announced.

Sam walked up to the mayor and took his prize he didn't tell anyone about Jack, Lilly or Professor Cahill they would have thought he was crazy well no one part his baby brother Paul.


"Mmm, I just love the smell of freash air" Professor Cahill walked down the road proud of what he had achieved.

Jack and Lilly nodded in approval.

There isn't a piece of rubbish in site. The air was not laced with thick black fog that on somedays blocked out the sun. Professor Cahill looks up into the sky. His face full of shook. How could this be?

"No." he said.

Up in the sky was the four horseman of the Apocalypse. The Professor turns and runs towards his lab where the time machine is. He only hopes that Sam can only save the world AGAIN.


The End

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