"The Queen!" Amy exclaimed

"That's what I said now is that all your bringing I don't think we'll be coming back here for a long time." Uncle Aldwin said or Al as I think I will refer to him as since that's what we call him most of the time.

"But... I don't understand how did the Palace even contact us."

"We were sent an Infobot, you can look at if you want its from a Palace servant called Jeremy, he knows our family connections with the Royal family and he claims the Queen has asked for our direct assistance."

"But aren't you worried this may be a trap." Amy asked.

"Look if I thought that this was going to be dangerous I wouldn't go but how would this man know about our connection's, besides who would want us dead?"

I don't really have an answer to that since we hardly left this shack and don't really know anyone so there was no-one who would behold a grudge against us.

"OK Alex I'll let you take the shotgun, Amy..."

"WOW really, your going to let me take the shotgun." Al had taught me how to use firearm's since I was 14 which was only a year ago but I'd caught on pretty quick. However Al had never let me use anything bigger than a pistol.

"Really your gonna let me use it?"

"Of course not you fool you'd blow all of our head's off. I will give you this pistol however but you must not use it unless where attacked by Grim's understand?"

I nodded, just being able to own a gun was so cool.

"Amy I'd feel better if you took one as well, I know I said this was safe but there 's always a small chance that the Grim's will attack."

"I'm sorry I just can't, I can defend I know how to fight." Amy said. She had a thing about gun's ever since she had saw Al use one she swore that she would never use one unless she absolutely had to.

"OK the plan is to get to the closet earth rail entrance which is in the middle of the old park, now we've done this countless time's before so there is nothing to worry about. Then we'll travel by rail to this point here."

He pointed to a map of the earth rail system, there was a red stop about three quarter's of the way down the rail.

"Then we'll be picked up by an airbus and brought to the New Palace. Any question's?"

He was treating this like an army operation, which I thought was quite amusing, Amy just looked worried as usual.

"Right, say goodbye to this old dump" He opened the door and inhaled. 

"Ahh smell the sweet intoxicated air." Al said.

I stepped outside -which I don't do often- and inhaled which was clearly the wrong thing to do, I pinched my nose and gagged.

"God, that's horrible." I said. 

"It's not that bad once you get used to it." Al said and began walking down the street. I looked at Amy, this was all happening so sudden and we weren't really sure what we where getting ourselves into, but what choice did we have. 

The End

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