Royal Treasure

The year is 2102 and the future isn't all robot's and spaceship's it's quite the oppisite, a war has broken out all over the world, causing countrie's to split into two sides, Alex lives with his uncle and his sister in London, where people barely leave there house's in fear of attack's. Alex's family the "Royal's" all have something in common, they have all met and acclompished task's for a member of the Royal family.

I am writing this story from the future, in hope that if anybody reads this they can fix the wrongs before they've begun, fix the death's, the losses and the war. I'm risking my life by recording these event's but I must try too fix what has been done. So that the world will never, go through what I have been through. My story starts on the first of August, the year 2102


"Wake up"

"5 minute's" I grumbled.

"Wake up Alex now!"

I rolled over to see my sister Amy standing over me. Oh what a joy it was to have a nagging older sister well by older I mean she was born 5 minute's earlier.

"C'mon Uncle wants you up and ready in ten minute's"

"Why, we going somewhere." I smiled and put my hand's behind my head to look relaxed.

She scowled and clipped my head.


"I'm serious, he wants us packed and downstairs in half an hour."


"I don't know why now will you just get out of bed."

I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and put my emergency rucksack on the bed, ever since we had moved in here our Uncle always made us keep emergency rucksack's supplied with food and basic survival equipment. What with the whole never-ending war I'm surprised he doesn't make us carry bomb shelter's around with us.

"Oh Alex, for God sake put some trouser's on." Amy said turning her back to me.

"Oh jeez!" I grabbed the nearest pair of jean's and pulled them on. Don't worry I was wearing boxer shorts it's just not nice to feel naked around people especially your teenage sister. Note to self, get Uncle to buy some pajama's.

I hate having to share a room with my sister, we're 15 for God's sake we deserve some privacy especially Amy, but this is the best anyone can get now. All the house's round here where very small, or had once been big but had been destroyed by the bombs. The only thing I liked about our house was the endless sea of junk that littered the floor, our Uncle used to travel before he had to look after us, so he owns millions of trinkets and old photos which are always fun to look at.

That reminds me I should probably tell you about my family, the Royal's. Amy and I never really knew our parent's they died when we were just three year's old. Our Uncle, Aldwin -Funny first name Aldwin isn't it- took us in and raised us the best he could.

The thing about our family is that we've all been in service of Royalty: My great Grandmother was Queen Olivia's personal maid, my granddad guarded the throne room under an attack and ensured that the Queen got away safely. My parent's had a different kind of job, the Queen sent them out to find ancient relic's in all kinds of cave's and tombs, this unfortunately led to their death...

Anyway then theirs us, my Uncle who has yet to meet the queen is quite tall and is very physically fit  -he works out like five times a day-, he likes to think of himself as a joker always pulling practical jokes or trying to be funny, however he can be serious when he wants to.

I stared out the window. We live in London but it looks nothing like it used to. The streets where deserted, houses had collapsed, bits of shrapnel and dead bodies lined the floor's it was a battlefield. Nobody even left there houses anymore, to get any supplies you had to travel to the nearest earth rail station, which was basically a manhole which leads to a track where you can lend a tunnel roamer and drive to the underground storage system. Instead of school everyone was home schooled which is good for us because Uncle Aldwin knows seems to know everything.

The reason nobody goes outside is the Grim's. The Grim's are what started this war, they are part of an army of undead creatures. The Grim's look like zombies, luckily the only Grim's who attack this area of London are the stupid unorganized ones who are slow and mindless. However you do get the odd fast ones who have half a brain.

When the world split into two armies Germany's side claimed they had a secret weapon, well that was the Grim's they had already taken over Germany and had taken control of anyone with power in Germany. Then the other side, or what I will refer to as the Reapers side -get it Grim Reaper- , sent the Grim's to all there alliances to maximize their army. Grim's absorb your soul, I'm not sure how but it looks like they eat your face, not a nice thing. When they absorb it they are able to multiply making them twice as deadly.

"Alex!" Amy hit me again

"Ow, will you stop that"

"Well your not packing just staring into nothing." I stuck my tongue out at her and started piling clothes and essentials into my travel bag. At times it may seem like I hate my sister but even though I hate to admit it she's like my best friend. I know what your thinking that I'm a sad little boy who cant get friends so he has to turn to his sister, but I haven't seen anybody my own age apart from Amy in three year's because of the war so I had to resort to her. She looked a lot like me, both olive skinned, with brown hair, Amy was the brains of the family and knew just about anything about anything, but history and wildlife where her specialty since those where about the only type of books we could find round here.

Me I more of an athletic kind of person, I LOATHE playing sport's with other's or competing, but when I'm on my own, I love to run, climb even swim although most swimming pools round here will be poisoned from all the radioactivity that goes on around here.

Finally I was packed and went downstairs with my sister to see my uncle waiting for us.

"You took your time, come on we must hurry, were off to see the Queen."

The End

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