Morgue breathed in, breathed out. The massive foes  t had engulfed them, not living in the hollows of the tree trunks. The new recruits were upset, understandable since they were children,at ;east compared to neia, net, and himself. Onlin  in their first life, while he on the other hand had been sent to the recycler at least five times before he had been escaped or let go, he couldm,t really remember.

And that didnmt even count the first time he no, all the times he had been in the recycler in being leader of the suicide kings, or queens. He didn,t really care either way, he  just went by suicides now a days or the term royal mockeries, mock the ruling eldritch who professed to have power over lifen and eath.

He was what you called crazy. An anomaly, an abombination by human standards. Or even eldritch. He needed to either create life or take it in order to live. The nature of the cycle, jhor, it was a term he found that refered to the nergy of death, in some scraps of paper, something ltiled page,, no mage, he wasn,t sure. It was some recreational human book from before. But he liked the term and it refered to him, so he kept it.

Death was a way of life for him, his days of siring children were over. Bearing one was but a distant curiousity for him, he couldn,t stay enough or slow fown to carry one anyway. Even though artificial vats, no wombs were easily acwuired nowadays.

None of the suicides. The leading ones, had children from after their reveal. Ones from before the husking were now either dead or viewed their monsters, parents as monsters. Besides, Morgue...stared down between his legs. Nothing, nada. No physical attribute to mark hims as male. Another casualty of the war.

He laughed bitterly to himself and plucked a bloodfruit from a nearby tree. Nobody knew what they were, all they knew was they grew on areas where a sucidie occurred. And bit into the flesh, blood spurted onto his face,  and he sunk down into the ground,nestled in a rusted corner. He was within a thicker branch of the tree. With small windows outside that could be opened, to get fruit or shoot down or wrangle up birds and small animals.

Net was withing the mother heart of the bionic tree.  His tubes and wires connecting himself to the main tree, to the CPU. It was insane. -----


Neia was down by the cpu, inside the central trunk. By what she can see, beyond the glass tank, was N3t. It was a simple coffin like device, a breathing and iv mask was over his face, with wires streaming from his head like some twisted halo. His arms were crossed over his chest, his fingers gleaming , thin wires connecting them to data ports, his thin skinny lanky legs were crosse, no, went straight down, feet crossed over as well. The coffin like device was standing up, set into the wall.

N3t spent most of his days attached to this thing in the iron forest. Procuring nourishment for himself by manipulating the tree,s branches and roots. The bionic tree was carnivorous. Devouring all things that landed in its branches and leaves. Any birds that landed on it, were soon stuck to the branch, the nanites holding fast to its legs by a sticky grey goo. Needles shooting out of the tree, sucking in the blood of the poor animal, pheromones attracted insects which were devoured by the flowers, similar to those plants shaped like a basket with water and disgestive juices within.

Some of the fae recruits would pick up the hollowed out dehydrated birds, squirrels, flying snakes, or more rarer, small fae sprites like themselves or goblin creatures. One memorable incident had an entire sawarm of cherubs devoured by the tree.

More common that thin tentacles would slither out of the holes of the tree, grab the dehydrated carcass and bring it back to the the foodstores within the inner trunk. Unlike their other bases, this tree was alive.

Neia remembered it.

It was the three of them back then. In this forest. N3t had just freshly escaped and was stronger back then, merely beginning in his virtual escapades, but still a luxury to have uninterrupted time.. She had been freshly husked herself, remembering her past life serving in the Jade Court of the Eastern Emperor.

It came to her in bits and pieces, and then the Chinese military found out. She was given a shell, of nanites. And the Aethyr that now flowed through the world forced her to have an aura of the dragon. This was before the time of physical changes. Out of all the Suicides, she was the oldest and the only one who remembered the world from Before...

They had been attacking America at the time, blaming all the ills of the world on them. The Chinese economy had collapsed after America fell thanks to the infighting between infernals and celestials. And the land itself was warring against the invaders, awakening after being raped by the white man.

Rumors to the south, indicated strange creatures. Lake monsters with hands for tails. Flying snakes. Vast blood thirsty gods, hungry for sacrifice. Tossing out the celestials who had taken their home from them. Humans who woke up with wings bursting out of their backs, blood pooling around their feet and bodies, and then quickly dying because they couldn,t get used to the shock.

It was a time of turmoil and horror, like now,  but back then nobody knew what was going on. Now, humans were used to spirits and dealing with them but..

She shook the memory out of her head.

Morgue to her knowledge had been born in the Enclave of the Fiery Crescent, shortly after Lord Rook,s forces had decimated the area. She shook her head.

To see an eldritch king and queen fight together, laying waste to the land. They had been...she couldn,t remember. Something had driven the royal duo back, but she didn,t know what. All she knew was that something had crashed to the earth after the battle, creating a crater, miles long in diameter. The enclave rebuilt itself in the middle.

This was after the time of Corrupt Flesh, when the physical changes started happening.

N3t was born during an odd transition time, the Breaking of the Virtual before the Changes of Mutable Corrupt Flesh, when the internet itself started to get invaded and corrupt linking itself to dimensions and to the void, to the great coil that spanned the below and the above and all kinds of alien directions.

Ferrix Inc, one of the last few Human Corporations took advantage of it, leading to a new technology revolution, creating the Recylers, and the Vats, after all the Breaking of the Virtual was the time humanity realized that the soul could be manipulated through technology.

She shuddered human corporations, had dominated at the time, holding back the Eldritch, shocking them with their grasp of technology, most of mankind became mindless slave labor, wanting to shield themselves from the horrors of the new breaking of the veil.

When the soul became a commodity.

It now dominated the area that was once silicon valley, going up the north, avoiding the coast, the ocean spirits were powerful so they avoided them, into a base into what was once Humboldt and medocino.

One of the few giant enclaves left of humanity. Disturbing. Lord Rook had a stranglehold of the area, tributes to him and being "ethical" was one of the few reasons he had not assimilated into the area 

The End

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