Once the Shining CityMature

The two shards united, now one again. Lord Rook lounged back in his throne, deep black claws stroking his handsome face in thought. Everything was going orderly as usual, the Ramshackle Houses were behaving quite nicely, it helped that he had done away with the tithe some years ago after his city was fully built and settled in.

His citizens were milling about, doing what they were supposed to do for the greater good. The Black Silent City with the bleeding towers was running correctly, he could feel it in his bones. And his children were feeding well, the ones in his womb were growing nicely as well

And he finally had a lead.

The information on them, the suicides, the kings and queens, mocking royals. A small account from the one that he called n3t.

Surgically removed Morgue,s past personality and powers onto a separate fleshdrive. It oddly seems to be conciscous and fought back. Quite the resistance but in the end I prevailed. I tried uploading the new fleshdrive to the holocomputer but it won,t comply. Nasty little bugger, no wonder Morgue wanted to separate it from himself.”

“Caught Morgue stealing the fleshdrive from my lab today, he isn,t supposed to touch the thing considering he used to scream in the night before I cut it out of him. Something about I don,t know, I won,t write it here. But it,s Odd. And he was a lot more in control though during the day, now his bloodthirst is out of control.”

“He used to have Neia do the torturing for him, considering his distaste for the activity but sees it as a necessary evil. Neia is cold and clinical and views it as nothing but business. Something she just needs to do before we construct a new fleshdrive for the desperate teeming masses of humanity. Now, Morgue has taken it up Neia,s duties and with great glee. Something that irks her to no end. Whatever was in that drive kept him balanced, I should have never removed it.”

Fleshdrives an interesting phonenomn. Lord Rook didn,t think humanity had the itelligence or the inguenity to develop such devices. In an effort to level the playing field, he merely smiled to himself. The creation was finally maturing into something…interesting. But they still needed guidance.


Morgue…morgue…what an ugly distasteful name. disgusting, the name of a place where old humanity processed their dead into something, more…tasteful for the display before their ritual practices being.


He wondered why such an individual would brand themselves like that, after all your name shapes your identity. Puzzling. Baffling.


Disturbing, and n3t. well, that was obvious, a throwback to the dengeneration of the human languauge of English. Back in the 1990s and 2000s, L33t. he detested it. Numbers were for the craft and art of computing numbers, not the delicate and subtle craft of languauge. Both were intertwined.


Beauty had to be preserved in this ugly world, which had been stripped of all beauty after the shattering. Why else would he build his silent stoic metropoilis in the middle of a dreary hungry ruins of the old world? Patrolled by walking trash and fae mutants, the very sky blinded by nanite swarms. Rebirth, a sign of hope for the desperate throngs of humanity that scavenged and plundered on the surface of the broken earth.


A new safe refuge for the wandering nomads that were refugees. They streamed into the Bleeding Towers, but back then, it was the Gleaming City, a symbol of rebirth in this wreck age, with the world moving on into knows what.  and provided labor, much to the chagrin and irriation of his old subjects. Why should he help them , they argued, when their resistance brought upon this mess opon this themselves, their own faul that the earth was suffering, that they were starving and eating poisoned food?


Mere inferior insects they reasoned, cattle that supplied energy to eat, and crafty prey (sometimes, some were dunderheads,) for the recreational hunt) why move up here when the forests back home still teemed with prey?


Lord Rook,s answer stunned his populace, his ever loyal but sometimes  aggravating kingdom.


To help them. Had he not done the same for his people after the great fall? When the very heavens themselves split open and had a stillbirth of millions of its rejected young, tossing them into the gaping maw of the abyss?so many years and eons ago?


Led them through both war and peace? Feast and famine? Strengthening his kingdom, his lands, his people, his children, through it all?


Yes, he had. It quelled the missatisfied populace, quietening their dissitude. Humanity was now in disarraway, and why not help them? It would lead to expansion of the kingdom and a grateful populace to toil and aid him in his endeavors.




He would find this fleshdrive and find what was in it. He had no leads on his beloved queen, she was with child, when she was taken from him. Their barren loins had taken fruit, a great celebreation, but a great tragedy struck. and when both mother and child disappeared, he fell into depression.


One preserved plume of a feather and countless memories was all that he had left of her.

The End

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