Unsettling InterludeMature

The angel kept moving. It,s silent mask locked into a stepford smiler smile. Its glee from before had died down, only to replaced with a steely feeling of duty.

It had so much fun playing that one human escaped with precious cargo. He tried his best to look for it, to no avail. The corruption of this land was astonishing. A simple sandy wasteland. It was disgusting, everytime the angel walked, she a tree or a brush sprouted after each footstep. Only to dry out and die in the heat.

Something was very wrong here.

No life at all.

Had her people done this? No, it must been them. The infernals, who corrupted humanity into destroying the very planet that had been provided for them.


All of them, no wonder most of them had to be corralled and guided. She kept going.

To the crescent human city where they had enslaved other races to fight for them. A sin. Everything was given free will by the creator to trample on that and enslave someone? Well then that has a slap in the face to the Creator himself.

Oh look a bird flying through the sky, she watched the small animal, a small smile on her face. Things still gave her wonder despite the scarred and burnt earth. It was alive and wild, no agenda. Just eat and provide for its family.

She swatted it away, when she realized the bird had a human face.

The End

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