Royal Mockery (Unedited Nanowrimo 2010 Edition)Mature

In this horror and science-fiction novel , we encounter a future in which humanity has been culled and struggling to live in a spirit dominated reality. The gods, once thought false, have influenced mankind,s history from behind the scenes. But a great tattering between the worlds occurred and the spirit realities have crashed together with the physical world, creating a dark future.
Incarnated spirits have been imprisoned, drafted into the human military. No longer able to escape through dea


in the beginning, they,

the-socalled gods created

man .

in reality,

it was man.


And the third.

The gods once shown their face to us.

They hid from creation.

And then they revealed themselves to us.

The great lie shattered.

The great lie.

The belief that humankind was in charge of its own free will.

We were wrong.

The veil.

Torn asunder.

We are now in thrall to.





Whatever you call them.

We are enslaved.

We fight back.

The last free enclaves.

We stole their children.



Spirits cloaked in the skin of human flesh. Traitors to the human race.

And to theirs.

We. Humans.

Too weak to fight against them.

Forced them to fight.

Conscripted them into our forces.


                                                                    “AND MAN GREW PROUD.”

We are human. Many don,t think so. Many could would consider us imposters. Wraiths in human skin. Smelling human, sounding human, feeling human. Yet inside, we house something ugly that festers within.


We disagree.


Despite our cybernetics. Our wings. Our implants. Our claws. Our scales. Our tails. Our fangs. Our eyes.Our souls.


We were born human.

 Til we awakened.

 And we are human til the day we die.

 Our final death.

 It will never come.

 We have resigned ourselves to an endless cycle of incarnation.

 Keeping them. Our mother race safe.

 Even if they fear and hate us.

 And even if they, the Eldritch. (the other) Want us back.


 We are no longer eldritch. We died and were reborn for a reason.

 We must keep humanity safe.

 death is sleep.

 Sleep is infinite.

 This what we want.

 Us suicide kings.

 We choose for how long we recycle our bodies.

 And then our Final Death.

 Sweet, sweet, release.

 No more suffering, no more being a living weapon.

 Sweet, sweet release.

 it all started long ago.


These are the thrall cities. Ruled by demon or angel, it doesn,t matter.


One is covered in a network of cameras. Metallic eyes zooming into the populace. Targets circling them on its visual interface, neural implants attached to each and every face.  Benevolent Father-king keeping a watchful eye on his children and their minds.


Traitor thoughts assessed and archived. Target terminated if thought acted upon. But monitoring always monitoring. Every single citizen,s thoughts were catalouged, read, and sorted to make a profile of their personality. And everything would be provided to make them happy. The ruler of the city liked his people happy.


It was raining. Dark bleak city. Splat. Splat. Splat. While people of yesteryears, would have said the rain was the tears of angels with a sad tone, the people here go good riddance.


Tolitarian city. They. Were against it. The dissidents. A plague upon his city. Threatening to unravel it…the implants were not visible. To the naked eye, there was no difference between a citizen who had their minds tracked and read and a dissident.


Visual markers were considered but rejected. After all, a visual marker can be faked by those who were not tracked.


He leaned against his throne and smiled, a glittering mirth gleaming in his eyes. Brown on black. Even without the markers, the populace,s thoughts were still archived.


For he was the Father of Information, Master of Communications.


The technology explanation was just used to quell the populace.


No one could escape him. Not even her. His lost queen.


Her soul lost to the humans.


The End

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