Choices (Peder)

After breakfast, Destiny sat down in the living room and pulled a bunch of different shades of green and brown cloth out of nowhere. She looked at me and said,

"Choose a shade." Walking over, I craned my neck to look at them all. It would look weird if I had brown hair brown eyes and brown clothes.

"How about the green in the middle?" I said, looking up.

"Shirt or pants?" Destiny responded immediately.

"Shirt. Could I do brown pants with that?"

"Sure. What kind of pants do you like to wear and what shade?" I skimmed my eyes over the browns and chose a light brown. Drake came in and showed me different designs of pants.

"Personally," he whispered to me, "I think these are the most comfortable." He pointed to a design. Since it didn't matter much to me, that's what I went with. As soon as I showed Destiny, she shooed me and Drake out of the house and told us to go get the horses ready. Through the window, I saw her sigh and then sit down to work on the clothes.

The End

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