Chatting (Peder)

After Destiny taught me how to make ham (which I immediately forgot) we all sat in the living room just lounging around. I was so comfortable that I almost missed Drake saying to Destiny

"We need to teach him how to fight."

"Definately. Did you get those measurements? We can't teach him to fight if we're seen from a mile away." She started doing some stitching.

"No, and true. If we're seen that's the end of the lesson. Lately I've been seeing guards in the forest, searching for Peder no doubt." I sat up at the end of his statement.

"I can fight. I was given sword and archery lessons at the castle." I stated.

"On horseback?" Destiny asked with interest.

"No. But I can defend myself." I crossed my arms across my chest.

"Can you launch an assault on enemies within a minute of a moment's notice?" Drake raised his eyebrows.

"No. You don't need to continue I get what you mean. When do we begin?" I rolled my eyes.

"As soon as I make you new clothes. Go get those measurements done right now, I'll have breakfast ready by then." Destiny stood and went into the kitchen as Drake and I went to my room.

The End

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