Smoke *cough cough* (Destiny)

As comfortable as I was, I couldn't help but jump up as I smelled smoke. I immediately started coughing. Waving my hand in front of me, I made my way to the kitchen. I saw Peder through the smoke as he dumped water on something.

"Drake! Open some windows!" I called and smoke got down my throat. I coughed hard.

"Sorry! I was trying to cook something!" Peder called hoarsely. Drake shoved open the kitchen windows and I ran and opened the door. A breeze swept through the house and cleared out the smoke. We stood taking deep breaths from the smoke. I finally looked into the pan to see some burnt meat.

"What was it supposed to be?" Drake peeked over my shoulder.

"Ham." Peder's shoulders slumped and he looked ashamed.

"Have you ever cooked before?" I raised an eyebrow.


"Then it looks lovely. Just stay in the kitchen and I'll teach you how to cook ham." I smiled at him. He looked relieved.

"Thanks." He smiled a little. Drake picked up the pan and emptied it outside. He came back in and gave it to me. I started showing Peder how to wash the pan before cooking.

The End

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