Riding Home (Destiny)

My cheek was still stinging from being slapped. It was red, I could tell by the concerned look on Drake's face as we started off. A few minutes into the ride. Drake pulled Blazer to a stop.

"Switch me horses Peder." He slipped off of Blazer. Peder dismounted his own horse then mounted Blazer. Drake mounted Peder's horse, then slapped Blazer's flank. The stallion started off, Peder's horse following with Moonlight tied to him. When Peder was far ahead enough that we could talk privately, Drake twisted around to face me.

"The King thinks I kidnapped Peder." I said softly. Drake reached out and touched my hurt cheek.

"Then he struck you. For no reason." He added. I could see the anger flare in his eyes.

"I was only defending myself!" I could feel my throat tightening.

"You're innocent. We'll prove it to him, someday." Drake stroked my cheek a little before twisting back around, just before Peder slowed down a bit to talk to us.

"It's ok, you don't need to be embarrassed about being rescued Destiny." He obviously mistook the redness in my cheek as blushing. I turned to face him so he could see the other side, which was pale. I could see it dawn on him. "Oh...."

"Your father is despicable!" I reached up and untied Moonlight then spurred her ahead of the boys.

"Destiny!" I could hear Peder about to go after me, when Drake's voice stopped him.

"Leave her. I know where to get her when it's time for dinner." They didn't even give me dinner, not to mention Drake probably didn't eat before he came for me. Spurring Moonlight faster, I closed my eyes as tears slid down my cheeks.

The End

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