Rescuing (Peder)

We were riding faster than when Destiny first took me to her home. But we still didn't make it to the castle until hours into the night. Strangely, I didn't feel tired as I normally would. Maybe it was because I was frightened. What would my father do to Destiny?

"Which tower would keep prisoners?" Drake interrupted my thoughts.

"The far right one, that's where the most snow collects in the winter." I answered. We spurred our horses over to the right. We passed by part of the forest when Blazer suddenly stopped. He sniffed the air then trotted into the forest a bit. Suddenly, he stopped again. Reaching down with his head he tugged something gently with his teeth. A white stripe appeared in the shadows, then Moonlight stood up. She was tied to a branch. Drake looked at the knot then untied her.

"Destiny is here. Otherwise Moonlight wouldn't have been tied here." Drake tied Moonlight to my saddle, since he was riding bareback. We then continued on our way. When we reached the tower, a voice came from it.

"Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou Romeo?" I didn't recognize it right away, but Drake did.

"I thought you didn't like Shakespeare!" He called while rooting through my saddlebag.

"I don't, I just got bored." It was Destiny. Drake pulled out a bow, arrow and rope that I had no idea was in my saddlebag. He tied the rope to the arrow then carefully aimed at the tower. He shot, and the arrow headed straight for Destiny. My eyes widened as she twisted at the last second and the arrow skimmed between her wrists. I saw her rub her wrists a little, then she pulled out a chain from inside the room. Looping it around the rope from the arrow, she slid down it to the ground.

"I got worried. Don't you know better than to lock yourself in a tower?" Drake said jokingly.

"Yes, now let's get out of here." The tone in her voice was saying she wasn't in a joking mood. She pulled on the rope and the arrow detached  itself and fell to the ground she picked it up, mounted Moonlight then slipped it into my bag. We turned for home.

The End

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