Type of Trial? Not Really! (Destiny)

"I suppose you're wondering why you're here." Two guards came in behind the King. One uncut the gag around my mouth as the other stood next to the King.

"Yeah, that's about right." It felt good to be able to open my mouth and speak freely again.

"Well, it seems my son has been kidnapped. You're under suspicion because he disappeared the same day you left for vacation." He talked plainly. I could scarcely keep from rolling my eyes.

"How do you know he was kidnapped? Hm? Where's the proof? Are you sure he didn't run away?" After I said it, I was supposed to regret it because the King struck me across the face. I fell to the floor. "Ow! What was that for?!"

"Speaking out of turn." One guard answered.

"He was questioning me! What else am I supposed to say to defend my innocence?!" I could feel the blood rising to the cheek the King had slapped, hard. That could bruise.

"You're going to stay here until you confess to kidnapping my son." The King walked out the door. The guards glared at me then followed the King, slamming the door after them.

"You never payed attention to him!! Why would he stay?! You were going to marry him off!!" I quit my screaming and realized that they would only gag me again. I couldn't have that. I walked to the window. Looking out towards my home, I whistled.

The End

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