The Signal (Peder)

I watched on the couch as Drake paced the room. I could tell he was anxious because either part of his hand or part of his face twitched every few seconds. He stopped pacing for a moment to look out the window. I knew who he was looking for. Destiny. She hadn't come back yet. I was tempted to start pacing as well. I was about to say we should probably get dinner, when he suddenly froze and listened.


"SH!" He shushed me severely then opened the door. Pretty soon, I heard it too. A shrill whistling, like barn owls make. "Destiny!" Drake ran out the door. He mounted Blazer as I came out.

"How do you know it's Destiny?" I asked. He didn't answer the question, but he did answer.

"Mount. We must rescue her." I mounted my own horse, which had been retrieved by Drake hours earlier. We set off at a fast pace, my own horse following Blazer. When the whistling came again, Drake mimicked it. After that, we didn't hear it again.

The End

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