Captured. (Destiny)

I rode Moonlight quickly through the forest. Upon arriving at the castle, I tied her to a branch next to some grass before bothering the guards to let me in. When they did, I went all the way to my old castle room, the one I had stayed in while I had been working for the King. I pulled a few things out of a box in the closet and put them in my bag. It was mostly just knick knacks, but hey! What else was I supposed to grab? As I walked out of the room, a guard suddenly grabbed me and knocked me out.

Hours later, I woke up in a tower. Trying to stand up, I found my hands had been tied behind my back. They should know better than try to keep a forest girl on the floor. I shifted around until I managed to stand up. When I opened my mouth, I found I had been gagged. Alright. First reaction: Scream. That's a classic. Second reaction: slam against the door. Also a classic. Third reaction: Look around the room. Fourth reaction: Wait patiently for captors to arrive. I'll go to the fourth and third reactions, just to surprise them. I started to look around the room. Walking over to the window, I looked out. I could tell I was in the castle's tallest tower--the highest room too. What's with kings and locking away innocent girls in the highest room in the tallest tower anyways? Well, I had to be there for a reason, and I was about to find out what that reason was. The door opened and King Reagal stepped inside.

The End

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