Questions-They Never Stop. (Peder)

Drake had left to act as me and I was left with Destiny at home. Yes, I now consider it my home. I never intend to go back to the life of a prince if I can help it. So, you know how Destiny is always doing crazily athletic stuff right? I thought so too, until she pulled out a sewing kit. Of course, the question came out before it was completely formed.

"What's that for?" I sat down in a chair in front of her.

"Making clothes. Drake needs a few patches here and there and we need to get you some better blending forest clothes. Amazingly, although they look uncomfortable, they're more comfortable than royalty's clothes." She smiled before picking up one of Drake's shirts; which had a huge hole in it. As she pushed her needle into the cloth, she suddenly looked up at me. "Don't worry, Drake will do the measurements for you. It will make you feel more comfortable in my opinion."

"Alright. What do you and Drake do around the home?" Might as well get a conversation started. I thought.

"Well, we do cleaning on Saturdays and mess around the rest of the days and whenever I kick Drake out for a while, I do some sewing; like now." She accidently pricked her finger. "Ouch. Is that going to bleed?" I watched as she squeezed her finger. No blood came.

"Oh good. Now Drake won't have fake battle damage on it. Blood stains, I mean." I smiled a little and she smiled at me before continuing her sewing.

A few hours passed and Destiny had completed a stack of Drake's clothes and a few of her own before she finally set down her needle and leaning back into her chair.

"Lots of stitching to catch up on. I've been gone six months. That's about twenty-four times more sewing than I'm used to. I used to kick Drake out about once a week after cleaning." She must have been wanting to start a conversation again.

"I know it's painful for you and Drake to talk about, but, I want to know about your parents. How did they die? Who took care of you and Drake until you were old enough to be on your own?" I wasn't sure if she was going to answer, but surprisingly she did.

"Our parents died in a battle. We lived with the head councilman until a year ago. Neither Drake nor I have been in our parents' room since. Too many memories." Her eyes started to get cloudy when a knock on the door snapped her out of it. She stood up quickly and opened the door. Drake stood in front of her, panting.

"You're on. Go show your stuff." He patted her on the back before collapsing in the chair she had been in seconds before. She disappeared outside and shut the door. As soon as it shut, Drake asked "What did you do?"

"What?" His question caught me off guard.

"Why were her eyes slightly cloudy? Were you asking her about our parents?" I felt his gaze penetrate mine and I wondered how he knew exactly what I had asked.

"Yes. I was curious." For half a second, I thought he was going to be mad until I remembered that wasn't his style.

"Looks like she got the sewing done. Yes! She stitched my favorite shirt!" He pulled out a shirt the same shade of green as a pine tree. How did he know just when to change the subject? I had been questioning myself about Drake and Destiny for a while now. At least twelve times a day, some question about those two would pop into my head.

"Looks like she left me a note. 'Please get Peder's clothing measurements done while I'm gone. He needs to ditch the bright clothes he brought with him. Thanks bro!' Ok. We can do that now or later. Which do you want to do?" He looked up at me.

"Later. Right now I'm going out." I stood and left the house.

The End

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