Bucket of Water + Me = Soggy Drake. (Destiny)

"Could one of you two jokers please get me a bucket of water?" I called from the kitchen while I made some scrambled eggs. I knew it was going to be Drake doing it, since Peder didn't know where the waterhole was.

"Sure!" Right on cue, Drake answered. A few minutes later, Drake came in with the bucket.

"Thanks." I said, taking it from him. I only turned partly around before I swung back to face Drake at the same time as dumping the water on him. He managed to close his eyes right before it happened, so when he opened them, he exhaled.

"Should've seen that coming." He smiled although dripping wet.

"Yep. You should've!" I turned back to my cooking as Drake went back into the living room. I heard Peder start laughing really hard after he saw Drake. I also heard Drake saying

"I really should've been able to guess why she wanted a whole bucket of water."

"But you didn't!" Peder responded.

"Hey! Breakfast is ready!" I called while setting the table. The boys came in while I set the food on the table. Drake hadn't had time to change, so he just came dripping wet.

The End

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