Joking Around. (Peder)

When we left Destiny's bedroom and went to the living room, Drake cracked up. I just silently questioned whether or not Destiny's stubborness about getting up was natural.

When she did finally get up, she was soaked but still cheerful.

"What's for breakfast?" She said; as though she hadn't been soaked while in bed.

"Eggs and-" Drake laughed through his nose before continuing. "Pie." Then he cracked up.

"Ha ha very funny. I'll go fix something." Destiny went into the kitchen calling over her shoulder, "Which does include eggs!"

"Hope there's pie." Drake whispered to me. I smiled.

"If there is, you don't get any." I responded. He looked offended.


"Because you had your helping when we were pranking Destiny!" I cracked up. After laughing for the first time yesterday in a long, long time, I cracked up about things easier and easier. And I liked it.

The End

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