Pranks in the Morning.(Peder)

The next morning (before it was time for Drake and Destiny to leave) I woke up to Drake shaking me. For some reason, he had a piece of leftover pie in one hand and a bucket full of water right next to him on the floor.

"Want to see how stubborn Destiny is about getting up?" He whispered, grinning. I smiled and nodded. After I got out of bed, we went into Destiny's room. Drake set down the bucket he had brought and set the piece of pie into Destiny's outstretched hand. She was in that position where you're on your side with the arm closest to the ground is outstretched.

"Destiny!" I called.

"Destiny!" Drake called right afterwards. Destiny scrunched her eyes tighter shut and started to turn over. I thought the pie was going to splat onto the bed, but she directed it towards Drake and it hit him in the face. She then wiped her hand clean with the covers and turned away from us. Drake wiped some pie off of his face and stuck the remains into his mouth, which made me smile. Then he reached down, and picked up the bucket..........then threw water all over Destiny. What did she do? Pull the covers up over her head and ignore us, even though, she was soaked.

The End

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