Cracking Up--Feels Good....Feels Good! (Peder)

As we got to dessert, I gave up on trying to have a good meal. When Destiny sat down, she didn't start eating her pie, but instead watched Drake as though waiting for the right moment. When Drake picked up his plate, she suddenly leaned under the table for some reason. Right afterwards, Drake's chair gave out under him and he fell to the floor.

"Aaah!" He landed on the floor with his pie on his head. I tried really hard not to laugh--that would be rude!--but it didn't help that he looked absolutely ridiculous and his twin was cracking up on the other side of the table. Right before I gave out like his chair, Drake started laughing as hard as his sister.

"You look so stupid!!"  Destiny fell off her chair laughing.

"I remember the first time you did that to me! We were four!" Drake sat on the floor and laughed along. Seeing he was ok with it, I let loose with my laughter. It surprised me, the feeling of laughter. Ever since my mother died and my father lost his mind, I hadn't laughed. Now it felt like I was among

The End

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