Practical Prank in Progress (Destiny)

Peder's asking about our parents killed mine and Drake's moods. When we sat down at the table, no one tried to start the conversation. My eyes moved to the floor and I saw the remains of a rope tied to the leg of the table. I was confused for a second, but then remembered what it was for. Years ago, I forgot how many, I had rigged that up for dessert when I needed a good laugh. That's about what we all needed right now. I managed to keep a straight face through the rest of dinner, which was especially hard when I looked at Drake. Finally, dessert time came. It was pie--perfect.

"Here you go! Dig in." I set a piece of pie in front of Drake and one in front of Peder. I quickly sat down with my pie and waited for the right moment. Drake had a funny habit of picking up his plate when he was eating pie, which is what he did right now. I reached down, untied the rope and tugged hard.

The End

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