Their Past-At Least Part of It. (Peder)

Confused as I was, I ran after them. When I finally caught up with them, Destiny was untying her brother from some rope.

"Where'd the rope come from?" I stopped next to them.

"I used it to yank him off of his horse." Destiny didn't look up but Drake did.

"When it comes to lassos she's an expert." He smiled despite his situation.

"When it come to pranks however, he outranks me." Destiny pulled on one last knot and the rope fell off of Drake. He instantly stretched.

"Ah that feels good. Let's go home." They started walking to their house.

"Hey Destiny, why were you mad?" I asked. She turned around.

"Drake shoved me off Moonlight and he was holding a grudge about something that happened eight years ago." She gritted her teeth on the last part.

"What happened eight years ago?" We three started walking to the house.

"Destiny tried juggling torches-" Drake started.

"I set the meeting house on fire-" Destiny continued.

"Thinking it was fire-proof-" Drake tilted his head at his sister.

"It wasn't. The head councilman got mad-" Destiny folded her arms across her chest.

"He threw her into some quick sand-"

"And Drake had to drag me out." Destiny finally finished. "Thus making him miss a game of monkey in the middle."

"It was my turn too!" Drake pouted.

"Get over it. It was eight years ago!" Destiny pushed her brother gently. He laughed and pushed her back. She laughed but didn't push back, merely opened the door to their house and went in. We followed and sat down on the chairs in the living room.

"Your turn to make dinner!" Drake called.

"I always make dinner doofus! Mum assigned that to me!" Destiny called back. I watched Drake's face to see if he reacted to  Destiny saying 'Mum'. Nothing. So it's painful when someone asks about them, but not when one of them throws it in a conversation. I turned to Drake.

"How long ago did your parents die?" Just my luck, Destiny came in mixing something in a bowl when I asked the question. Instantly, their faces fell. Painful subject obviously.

"Seven years ago." They both answered in unison in the same sad, soft voice Drake had gotten when I first asked about them. I knew I should get off the subject, but I had one more question.

"How old are you two?" I also knew I was on shaky grounds right now with them, but I had to know.

"Thirteen." Destiny answered before going back into the kitchen. Drake didn't move, but his eyes glazed over as though lost in thought. I did the math in my head. Their parents died when they were six. That's too young to be without parents. I decided not to ask who took care of them until they were ready to live on their own.

The End

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