Confessions (Destiny)

When we ran past our house, with me miserably behind, I grabbed a rope off of the side of the house. I quickly looped it into a lasso and threw it, catching Drake around the waist.

"Ha ha oof!" Drake suddenly stopped laughing as he was yanked off his horse. That's when it was my turn to laugh.

"Now you have to catch both of our horses!" I stood there holding one end of a rope with Drake tied up in the other.

"No, just Blazer. YOU have to go get Moonlight." He struggled to get up, as he had gotten tangled in the rope.

"You're the one that made her run off!" I smiled at him.

"You're the one who was riding her."

"WAS riding her until SOMEONE shoved me off. That someone was you was it not?" I grinned at him mischeviously and he sighed.

"Yes, it was. I'll go catch them both. Can you untie me?" He managed to get to his feet.

"Don't bother, we were riding bareback anyways. Yes, I'll untie you." I walked over and started pulling at the knots.

The End

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