How Does This Work? (Peder)

Drake pulled a horn out of nowhere and blew into it. Before the fact that it was a signal could connect to my brain, a dozen pairs of horses exploded from the forest. Each had a rider in the same type of clothing as Drake and Destiny, but different colors. There were only two riders wearing one color, but none had black.

"How does the coloration work?" I asked the head councilman without tearing my eyes away.

"In our village, almost everyone has a partner they look out for. As you can see, Drake and Destiny are both in black. That says they are partners." His face was calm as he watched the fight. That's explains it. If you are in a color and someone you know is in the same color, you look out for each other. I thought.

"Are the partners picked by the adults or do you choose your partner?"

"You choose your partner. If you were arranged to be partners, you wouldn't look out for each other as well." The head councilman's eyes were as glued to the fight as mine were.

After a few minutes, all the bandits had cleared the area, frightened of the riders that had attacked them out of nowhere. All the people from the forest sat around a fire while their horses rested. About twenty minutes later however, the horses were practically itching to go home. So, the riders mounted and rode back to the forest.

The End

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