Our Strategy. (Destiny)

We rode quickly, faster than when the horses had started running to the village last night. Last night, we had cantered. Now, we galloped. Drake passed me one side of a rope, keeping the other. Just as we were about to race in front of the bandits. Moonlight stopped while Blazer kept going. The two horses knew which strategy we were using. Once on the other side of the bandits, Blazer stopped as well. The rope we had suspended between us was carefully disguised from the other party, until we ran it smack into them. That's when it became too late. When the bandits were only a meter away, Moonlight and Blazer ran towards them. I pulled the rope tight just as Drake did and we unseated every one of the bandits from their horses. As I ran around the group, keeping them off the horses, Drake pulled out a horn and blew into it.

At that signal, a dozen pairs of riders came from the forest at a gallop. The fight began.

The End

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