Planning, then Bandits (Peder)

"I would like you to meet.....Prince Peder." There were gasps all around the room as I came in.

"The King will scour the forest looking for him! We will be discovered!" The head councilman stuttered.

"No, not yet." I spoke up. I was surprised, amazingly my voice was calm and strong. "My father won't go crazy for at least a week. I think that's enough time to cover our tracks?"

"Yes. It is. We can also do a trick. We take your horse and ride off into the opposite direction so that's where they'll go." Drake answered. Destiny nodded.

"It would be best if Drake were to do it. I would be recognized immediately since I have a job there, and they know Moonlight." Destiny spoke next. Amazing. I thought. Destiny and Drake have the same thoughts going, the same plan! Had they been thinking this all along?  I had a feeling, no. They were making this up on the spot.

"Destiny, what if you went there supposedly to pick up a few things then leave to the forest. Then, Drake could be seen a few hours later riding in the other direction dressed as me!" The idea had just come to me. Maybe I was picking up on Destiny's and Drake's brainwaves or something. Destiny Drake both smiled at me, identically.

"Then it's decided. Drake and Destiny will ride to the palace tomorrow and-" The head councilman was interrupted by a young boy running in.

"Sir! There are bandits about to attack the village nearby." He exclaimed before collapsing from exaustion. I managed to catch him right before he hit the floor.

"What?!" Drake and Destiny shouted together.

"Go! Go defend the village!" The head councilman exclaimed. I turned to ask Destiny who he was talking to, but she and Drake were gone.

"Where-?" I turned to the head councilman.

"They went to defend the village. They are our best hope as they fight well together on their horses. Come, bring the boy and see what I mean." The head councilman stood and the council left. I picked up the young boy and carried him and followed the head councilman to a room with a bed where I lay the boy down.

"Can we see the village from here?" I hurried to catch up with the head councilman.

"From the tower, it is well disguised as a tree so we will not be seen."

We finally stopped at a window and I saw a small village. In the distance, I saw a dust cloud. Thirty-six men on horseback were riding towards the village. I heard the faint sound of horse-hooves, but not from the bandit's direction. Looking down, I watched as two riders shot from the trees towards the village. Studying the horses' marks, I realized it was Moonlight and Blazer running side by side. On their backs, were Destiny and Drake no longer in the clothing they had worn for the meeting, but in pitch black riding clothes. They were each wearing their black masks.

The End

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