Starting the Meeting (Destiny)

Peder came into the living room and we stood waiting for Drake to get ready....again thanks to me. I chuckled to myself as I re-lived the moment Drake realized I was getting my revenge, which was when water was about to cover him. His face had been shocked realization.

"Why are you laughing?" Peder looked over at me and I could tell he was nervous.

"Drake's face was so funny looking when I threw water over him. Complete surprise!" I smiled to myself. Peder rolled his eyes. When Drake finally came back, we left for the council meeting house. Upon entering, we were waved straight into the council's presence.

"Ah! Destiny has returned for a visit! How do you like your new job?" The head councilman exclaimed.

"Fine, thank you. But there are other pressing matters to attend to. A boy was in need of our help, I aided him. But he needs to ask your permission to stay." I looked at them seriously.

"And? Who is it?" The head councilman tilted his head.

"I would like you to meet.....Prince Peder." I side-stepped as he came in.

The End

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