Where Are-? (Peder)

Drake entered my room.

"Need any help?" He stood in the doorway.

"No....I was just wondering....where are your parents?" The thought had just occured to me, there wasn't anyone in the house that was older than Destiny and Drake other than me. Drake's face immediately lost it's happy expression, replaced with complete sadness.

"In heaven." His voice was soft and sad.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"No, it's ok. They died seven years ago. Destiny and I have been living without them for a while." He looked to the side, then straightened up. "Need any help? Once you're ready we can leave."

"Nah, I'm good." I began thinking about how much I knew about Destiny and Drake. Well, they're twins, their parents are dead, they live in a village I didn't even know about. Other than that, nothing. Why are they risking so much in hiding me?  I looked to Drake. "Why are you and Destiny helping me anyway?"

"We don't believe in forced marriage, or love for that matter. We'll be waiting in the living room." Drake left.

A few seconds later I heard the door open then Drake yell

"Aack!" Then I heard Destiny laughing.

"Consider my revenge taken!" She was cracking up. I heard steps then saw Drake walk past my door, dripping with water.

"Never mind, we're not ready yet." Drake went to his room as I came out and saw Destiny in the living room, still giggling.

The End

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