Getting Ready (Destiny)

After breakfast, I got a dress. It was forest green and trailed to the ground. The sleeves were long until my elbows before flowing off and trailing halfway down my skirt. It was pretty, but I'm not the type to wearing dresses all the time. This was just one of those times I HAD to wear a dress. As I was trying to fix my hair (which got tangled beyond description overnight) Drake came in.

"You never can get your hair to look good can you?" He took the brush from me and started brushing my hair. He became quite good at it compared to my skills.

"I can't practice when you take the brush from me. Why don't you go bother Peder for a change?" I let Drake play with my hair until it was untangled.

"I don't know. I just like to play with your hair."

"You've certainly made that obvious!" I laughed. He tugged my hair playfully.

"Hold still!" He put my hair into some hairdo I'd never seen. All I know is that my hair was done.

"Now go bother Peder and help HIM get ready." I pushed Drake out of my room before going outside.

The End

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