Uh.... (Peder)

"What the-?!" Destiny sputtered. I was shocked myself. I looked over and saw Drake standing at the other side of the table holding a bucket and laughing.

"Now you're fully awake!" Drake's eyes were gleaming.

"I hope you know that before sunset today I will have my revenge." Destiny looked up, dripping wet, at her brother. Revenge? I frowned. Destiny sighed. "Can I have a pancake?"

"Sure. Something tells me that even if I give you a pancake it still won't cool your anger." Drake, still smiling, handed his sister a pancake.

"Eh, you know me too well." Destiny began eating.

"So....." I began but I didn't have an end to that sentence.

"So.....what?" Drake looked over at me.

"What are we going to do today?"

"We are going to face the wrath of the council. Dress the best you have, you're going to have to make an appearance." Destiny answered. "Then I'm getting my revenge."

"Don't worry about it Peder, I'll be ok. I'm pretty sure she won't kill me." Drake winked at me. I finished my breakfast and went to my room to get ready for the council meeting.

The End

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