Riding Home (Destiny)

"Let's go home. We'll tell the council in the morning." Drake mounted Blazer and I mounted Moonlight, just in front of Peder.

"I'll take the reins and my bag back." Peder handed them to me without a word.

"Onward!" Drake shook the reins and Blazer surged forward. Moonlight, thinking it was a game, followed him.

"Aw dang it! Now they won't stop till we reach the village!" I called to Drake.

"I know! At least we can get home faster now!" His voice sounded distant because of the wind whipping around us. I felt Peder grip my shoulders tighter as we shot through the trees.

Eventually, Moonlight and Blazer slowed to a stop at a grove of trees. Drake, Peder and I slipped off the horses. Peder stood by as we untacked and unsaddled them before they ran off into the woods.

"Right through here." Drake picked his way through the trees with Peder following him then me. We passed three more trees before the village appeared. Peder gasped. The village was quite large, with about two-hundred residents.

"Wow." Peder whispered. I yawned then walked towards the nearest house. Drake followed, carrying Peder's things. Walking in, I immediately went towards a table in the dark and lit a candle. Drake carried Peder's stuff into a room and Peder stood in the doorway looking around at the house.

The End

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