Intros Unexpected. (Peder)

After the man started laughing, Destiny started laughing as well.

"You haven't changed one bit Destiny!" Hearing his voice, I  realized it was only a boy. And he knows Destiny? I thought I was as confused as I could be. I never knew I would soon be even more confused.

"Neither have you! You still fight like a girl!" Destiny got off of him and helped him up.

"That's coming from one!" The boy was smiling. Then they embraced. How well do they know each other?

"Come on! I want you to meet someone." Destiny took his hand and pulled him over to me. "Peder, this is my brother Drake." This is Drake?!

"Hi. What are you Destiny's boyfriend?" He winked at me before Destiny punched his arm. "Ow! What?"

"Drake, I need you to promise me something. I'm going to tell you a secret." Drake turned to his sister. Her smile was gone, replaced  with a straight and serious face.


"Do not tell anyone."

"What? I promise I won't tell!"

"Special Promise." She stared him in the eyes. He sighed.

"Alright." He held out his hand and Destiny shook it then they went through some type of handshake I couldn't quite follow. "Now," Drake spoke after they were finished. "What's the secret?"

"This is Prince Peder. I helped him run away. Since our village is unknown, I thought he could lay low there." Drake gaped.

"Sika y nok." He whispered something I didn't understand.

"I know. His father is trying to marry him off. Arranged wedding. I know the sika y nok but col me nowoo." I tilted my head but she ignored me. "Please?"

"Ok." He sighed, then whistled a tune shrilly. A stallion stepped out of the trees, who looked exactly like Moonlight except where there was black on Moonlight there was white. I almost fell when Moonlight walked suddenly toward the stallion. They nuzzled noses.

"Aw, they remember each other." Destiny smiled at her brother then went to the stallion. "Hey Blazer."

The End

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