Battle in the Woods (Prince Peder)

"Ok." I nodded and watched as Destiny walked into the clearing. What does she need to do alone? When she reached the middle I saw a figure jump out from the trees around us. Ok, under-exaggeration. A figure leaped from the trees straight at Destiny. Suddenly, she turned to recieve the impact full on.

"Destiny!" I called. I couldn't go to help her because she said not to! Should I listen or should I not? Pretty soon, they were rolling around on the ground before jumping up. I got a clear view of the man. He was the same height as Destiny, which really unnerved me. The scariest part was......he was smiling! Pretty soon he lunged again and I couldn't see what happened. As the dust cleared I saw Destiny had pinned him to the ground about to punch him, probably to knock him into next week, when something even scarier happened. He started to laugh.

The End

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