No Second Thoughts (Destiny)

As I was buckling Moonlight's saddle, Peder came in. I looked up and he jumped.

"What?" I blinked.

"Your mask." He pointed at it. It was true. I was wearing a mask and it was black. "What's it for?"

"You'll see." I was expecting something at the end of our journey. Not just something, but someone. I slipped the reins over Moonlight's head and began buckling. "Attach your bag to the saddle. I'll be taking my stuff in my messenger's bag."

"Alright. You know you don't have to do this."

"I know. I could say scram right now but I won't. I don't believe in forced love." Moonlight nickered at me then pulled my hair with her teeth. "Ow! Stop that!" I tugged her hair playfully.

In fifteen minutes, we were riding through the woods towards my home. We stopped only a few times and made it to a clearing just before sunset.

"Stay here. I need to do something." I handed the reins and my bag to Peder and slipped off of Moonlight. I adjusted my mask. "Stay here. No matter what, don't come until I call."

"Ok." Peder nodded as he said it. Walking into the clearing, I braced myself for impact.

The End

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