Packing (Prince Peder)

I couldn't believe my luck. She was going to help me! I quickly started packing the things I would need. Better not get any food. It would be suspicous. I didn't want any suspicions before I left! A knock sounded on my door.

"Who is it?" I called, stuffing my pack under my bed.

"It's Destiny!" I jumped up and opened the door. "I came to tell you that you don't need to pack too many clothes. It's only a day's ride on Moonlight, so pack lightly."

"Thanks for the heads up." I pulled my pack out from under the bed. "This enough?"

"Yep. It's perfect. Just lay low today. If you don't want to go by tomorrow then I'll go without you. Okay?" She stood by the door.

"Yes. Thanks."

"For what?" She tilted her head.

"For helping me escape being married." I smiled. She smiled back then went out the door again.

The End

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