I Need to Talk to You. (Prince Peder)

I paced back and forth. My mind went back to mine and Destiny's comversation.

"Listen, corner me in the morning and at night."  She would actually let me pester her with questions if I corner her in the morning and at night?

"Sire? Destiny's back." A servant poked his head in and gave the short message.

"Good. Tell her I want to speak with her."

"Yes sir." He shut the door again.

A few minutes later, Destiny knocked on my door.

"You wanted to speak with me sire?"

"Yes. Come in and close the door." I turned to face her. She came in and looked a little uncomfortable.

"What's going on?" She shut the door. I took a deep breath.

"What I'm going to tell you could get you in big trouble and you could lose your job." Her eyebrows shot up at fifty miles per hour.

"What is it?" She looked in my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I told her.

"I want to run away, and I think you can help me."

The End

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