Captain Dimwitted (Destiny)

"I'm here with a message for the Duke." I was facing off again with the captain.

"Clearance please." He didn't like me.

"What? Don't you recognize me?"

"No. Now about that message..." He reached for my bag, again.

"Again, I am only to give it to the Duke and no one else." I pulled my bag away.

"A problem?" The Duke appeared again.

"I have a message from the King." I answered his question.

"And she doesn't have clearance." The captain turned to look at the Duke.

"What does she need clearance for? This is Destiny." The Duke look at the captain indreculously.

"Oh. My bad." Captain Dimwitted said.

"Here's your message sir." I handed the Duke his message then waited to be dismissed. Unrolling the scroll, he began to read.

"So we are to be in the capitol before tomorrow's sunset! I better go pack then. You are dismissed Destiny." The Duke turned his horse around and rode away.

"Yes sir!" I turned Moonlight and we galloped off.

The End

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