Conversation and Horsecare (Destiny)

As I was rubbing Moonlight down, a servant, who was a girl, walked by and paused to sing a song at me.

"Prince Peder and Destiny sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-" She didn't finish after she saw my expression. Stony anger. She shrugged and moved on.

Right at that moment, Prince Peder arrived. Great. I thought as I pulled off Moonlight's saddle.

"Why is it that everytime I try to start a conversation you run off?" He stood behind me.

"Because everytime you corner me trying to start a conversation I just happen to be in a hurry or need to do something." I curtsied as I replied to his question.

"Are you always in a hurry?"

"Almost. I'm a messenger, so I have to be swift." I pulled off Moonlight's reins and washed them.

"Just a few more questions. Please?" He came to my side this time and looked me in the eyes. I sighed.

"Ok, let's hear them." I set my reins next to Moonlight's saddle.

"Why is it that no one listens to me and you do?"

"Maybe it's because I'm a messenger and I'm trained to listen. Maybe it's because I have a brother who asks me as many questions I ask him and you ask about the same amount. I don't know." I grabbed a brush and started to brush my horse.

"Oh. You have a brother? What's his name?" He grabbed a brush and started brushing Moonlight's mane. How nice.

"His name is Drake. He's my twin. You don't have to help me you know." I looked at him.

"I know. I just don't feel like picking another flower for yet another bride." He didn't look at me, merely kept brushing Moonlight's mane.

"You don't want to get married, do you?"

"No, it's just that no one ever has listened to me long enough to ask me my opinion. Except you. Where do you come from anyway." He stopped and looked at me.

"Destiny! The King wants you!" A servant ran by and gave the message.

"Listen, corner me in the morning and at night. Other than that, I'm really busy. I'll tell you more about myself tomorrow. I've got to run." I put away the brushes, closed the stable after the Prince stepped out, and ran to the courtroom.

The End

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