A Little Lie, A Little Green. (Prince Peder)

I sat next to my father as he and his advisors talked about things I wasn't involved in when the message came, or rather, the messenger.

"Sire, Destiny is back." The servant bowed to my father as he gave his message.

"Send her in!" My father and his advisors looked up in time to see Destiny come in. To me, she looked a little sick, to my father's advisors as well as my father, she looked just fine. "What did the Duke say?"

"He and his daughter Victoria are excited for the wedding." She had put her hands behind her back.

"And? Was Victoria pretty?" My father inquired of her.

"She was the red rose of the morning, her voice like a nightingale's and was very kind." She just stood there, looking a little sick and uncomfortable.

"Good. You are dismissed. Peder, why don't you go out to the garden to get a flower for your bride when she arrives?" My father looked at me.

"Of course." I could barely keep the annoyance out of my voice. Destiny had left the room. I followed after her.

After catching up, I wondered what I would say to her when she turned around.

"What is it sire?" She didn't drop to the floor this time, merely curtsied.

"I don't think you told the truth about Victoria. You just told me what my father wanted to hear didn't you." I looked at her closely and could tell she wasn't scared.

"Yes, I did. You're a smart one." She looked at me as though it wasn't everyday that she didn't talk to me.

"And, why do you look a little sick?"

"Because all they did was say things like 'Darling!' and things and it was disgusting. I need to attend to Moonlight. Excuse me." With that, she left.

The End

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