Too Much Coddling! (Destiny)

We entered the mansion and went to the court room, where I gave the Duke his message, then waited to be excused or given a reply to the King.

"Perfect! It's all arranged. Victoria! Victoria come here darling!" The Duke looked up at his daughter walking in the door while I stood off to the side.

"Yes father?" She wasn't pretty, no doubt about it. She wasn't really cute. She was just the last person the King had left to try to get engaged to his son. Poor Prince Peder!

"You're engaged to the Prince! Isn't that wonderful darling?" The Duke looked adoringly at his daughter.

"Oooh! Am I going to be queen someday?" Her voice was squeaky and terribly off key, if that's even possible I don't know.

"Yes darling!" All the love and coddling was going to make me throw up, but I didn't say anything because I had the job of a lifetime and I didn't want to get fired. So I just stood there trying not to throw up.

"Is she going to be my servant someday?" Victoria pointed over at me.

"I think so darling! Aren't you going to be her servant someday?" The Duke looked at me as well.

"Only the King's personal messenger. There's another messenger for the queen's messages." I looked over at the door, hoping he'd dismiss me or just give me the reply.

"Oh. Well, who is he?" The Duke was obviously not going to let me go just yet.

"There isn't one at the moment, because there isn't a queen at the moment. But there will be one when Prince Peder marries. Do you have a reply for the King or no?" I looked at the Duke helplessly and he sighed.

"No, be on your way." He waved his hand in a shooing motion and I almost ran out the door.

"But father! I want to know about the Prince!" But I was already out the door and almost to the forest on Moonlight.

The End

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