Future Wife? (Prince Peder)

My friend, who was also my attendant, came up to me as I paced the hallways.

"Your father wants you. You better hurry, he's getting angry." He gestured behind him, where I heard shouting.

"Yes, thanks." I hustled to the sound. Upon opening the door, I saw my father yelling

"WHERE IS HE?!?!?!?!? WE NEED TO DISCUSS HIS FUTURE WIFE!!!!!!!" He threw a chair my way on accident and I ducked to miss it.

"I'm right here father!" I walked over to him and his mood visually changed. Uh oh. was my only thought.

"Peder, you're engaged to the daughter of the Duke of Kikong." He smiled sweetly at me, but I still felt upset. "I've already sent off the announcement to the Duke so it's all arranged!"

"What?! How many times do I have to tell you?!? I only want to marry when I choose to!" I looked at my father, almost insane in madness.

"Well, when you choose is when I tell you to. So go get dressed in your finest and get ready to meet your bride." The King turned back to his advisors as I stormed off, again. When is Destiny going to get back? I almost hoped, never.

The End

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