No Problems? (Destiny)

I raced through the trees, leaning close to Moonlight to avoid branches. My messenger bag thumped against my leg and we broke free from the forest, entering Kikong.

"Stop in the name of the Duke!" A guard stepped in front of me, barely missing being kicked in the head by my stopping horse.

"I bring a message from the King. Let me through." I pulled on the reins to signal to Moonlight to step back.

"You will be escorted to the Duke by myself." The guard reached for my reins but I pulled away.

"I need no escort."

"Then you must give me the message for the Duke."

"I am under orders to give the message only to the Duke, stand aside." I pulled my bag closer to me.

"Is there a problem Captain?" It's confusing how people have such good timing, for at that moment, the Duke came up on his horse.

"Yes sir, this girl claims to be the King's messenger!" The captain looked up at the Duke, obviously wanting me to get in trouble. He's unlucky.

"She is! She's Destiny, the King's new messenger." The Duke looked at the captain disapprovingly. "Now, for the message. Let's go to the Courtroom to read it."

"Yes sir." I followed the Duke to his home.

The End

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