Prince Peder

I am Prince Peder. I hate it. Being a prince. My father is always trying to marry me off to some girl I don't even like! Let alone know! Ack! After finding out the latest gal I'm supposed to marry (which hopefully the new messenger will help me get rid of.) I stormed off through the halls, right SMACK into someone.

"Oomph!" I said as I took a step back at the same time she did. She barely looked at me before she dropped to her knees.

"Forgive me sire." Man, that girl could react! Normally peasants look at me and go "Oh my!" Then drop to their knees and ask for forgiveness!

"It's ok. Where are you going in such a hurry?" I watched as she stood up then I looked at her face. "Oh! You're my father's personal messenger! We've never met."

"Yeah. My name is Destiny and if you'll excuse me, your father has a message I promised to deliver immediately and I have to run. Nice meeting you." And with that, she ran off. I walked off to figure out how I was going to break this engagement.

The End

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