Peder Freaks Out (Destiny)

I ran inside to get some buckets for water. We seem to have an abundance of those. The horses gulped the water down rapidly so the boys and I all had to make a few trips. We put them into the village stable to rest. We started for the council house.

"You think the King will find a way to tell us he wants help?" Drake asked.

"I think we should leave him on his own for a bit in the war, get him nice and nervous. The Duke's a powerful man. Surprisingly, many are loyal to him. Make Reagal come to us begging on his knees!" I grunted.

"And let all those innocent people die?! This is life or death!!! We can't let the Duke kill people!!! It doesn't matter if you guys are safe and hidden away! They will find you." Peder exclaimed.

Drake and I stopped and stared at Peder.

"You ok dude?"

"Oh yeah sure it's not like I STARTED A WAR or anything!!!!"

"Hey, it's just as much my fault as it is yours if not more." I shook my head at him. "I helped you run away. Besides, the Duke's a complete and total idiot. Especially when it comes to his daughter's needs."

"How would you know that? You barely met the guy a few weeks ago! You're suddenly an expert?!"

"STOP FREAKING OUT. Everything will be fine. Come on, we've got to make our report." Drake held the door open for us. We all went in to deliver the not so great news.

The End

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