Escape (Peder)

"We choose when and where to strike." Drake started.

"We accept advice, but decide whether or not to act on it. As in, you can't command us to do something unless we deem it necessary." Destiny continued. These two were good.

"We can conceal ourselves in your army if need be."

"We can also command your army."

"And anything else-" Drake broke off.

"-that pops into our head-" Destiny picked up.

"-that will help win the war."

"There you have it." Destiny folded her arms.

My father stayed quiet, contemplating his answer. Those were heavy requests, but he would need the soldiers if he wanted to win the war. They had him right where they needed him.

"I will think on this and give you my answer when I'm ready. Guards!" He called. "Take them to the dungeon."

The guards came forward and grabbed Destiny and Drake's arms. Luckily only one on each before they reacted. They each whipped around and punched the guards in their exposed face. They were unfortunate they had their visors up. Destiny ran past me and grabbed my arm. She pulled me along to the wall then let go of me so she could show me how to climb up. She nimbly climbed up to the window. Then Drake did the same.

They waited for me to climb up. No way I can do that. I thought, but the guards were closing in fast. I gulped then ran at the wall. I did as best I could, but I couldn't make it. As I was falling back down, I felt my hands grabbed then found myself being pulled up by the twins.

They pulled me up to the window then they both did their whistle and the horses came up to the window. They were a few feet below, but I was still a little scared. Then I saw Drake slip off the window sill and land on Blazer's back. Repeat with Destiny. They held my horse still while I tried to land as softly as possible. My horse flinched a bit, but Moonlight nuzzled it and it calmed quickly.

We turned the horses round and rode to the gates. We slipped out before the guards closed the gates. As we raced through the forest, I was worried I'd lose the twins. But my horse seemed to know the way, thanks to hanging around with Blazer and Moonlight.

We made it to the village and the horses were panting from the quick riding. The twins slipped off and grabbed cloths. They immediately began to rub down their horses. Destiny tossed a rag at me and I got the message. I dismounted then began to rub my horse down as well.

The End

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