Necessities for Interference (Peder)

While I was brushing my horse's mane, a young boy came past and ran into the house. He came back out about five seconds later and ran back the way he had come. Destiny and Drake came out and Destiny's hair looked significantly neater. They both went in the same direction as the boy, although not running. They didn't say anything to me, so I went back to brushing my horse's mane.

"There you go boy." I murmured. I patted him and then let him wander off, probably to join Moonlight and Blazer. That's when Destiny and Drake came back.

Destiny looked at me and said, "We're interfering. The council wants to see you."

"Ok." I went to the council house. They had me come in almost immediately.

"Peder, we want you to go to your father with Destiny and Drake to tell him about our forces.  Offer our assistance you might say. Destiny and Drake already know the terms to give. You'll just start them off. He should listen to you, you're his son!" The head councillor smiled at me reassuringly.

"One problem, he's never listened to me in my whole life! Why would he listen to me now?" I looked at him.

"Because you'll be giving a means of more soldiers. Give him a chance."

"Alright," I rolled my eyes, "no promises though."

When I got back into the house, Drake (and I assumed Destiny as well) was wearing his black uniform. I was surprised to see him in the kitchen making dinner, that was Destiny's job. He didn't look up when I came in.

"So, Drake, the council wants we three to present ourselves to my father." I leaned against the couch and waited for his response, but he gave none. "What are your thoughts on this?" Again, no answer. "Drake!" I straightened and walked over. Grabbing his shoulders, I turned him around to face me and jumped back in shock.

"What?" Destiny asked me.

"Your-your hair!" I stuttered. Her hair had been chopped off to the same length as Drake's.

"We had to cut it." Drake's voice came from behind me. "It's necessary. Since we're twins, we can confuse the offending side's troops. But only when it's as short as mine." He came around from behind me and stood next to her. They were almost completely identical.

The End

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