Hopes (Destiny)

When we got home, I immediately sat on the couch and pulled my hair over my right shoulder. Running my fingers through my it, I watched as Drake sat next to me on my left and Peder sat across from us.

"Well?" He asked. Neither of us spoke. Drake reached up and divided my hair down the middle then played with the left half.

"So, how do you interfere with a war?" Peder asked.

"We decide which is the side who's in the right-" Drake started.

"-send out our squadrons-"


"-then hopefully win the war." I finished. He studied us, then shrugged and went out to feed and clean his horse.

"I hope that we won't have to fight."I said mournfully.

"It's up the the councillor and the king. I would try to stay out of the war if I could. I sincerely hope we can." He reached over and grabbed a brush and began to brush my hair.

The End

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