Confusion (Peder)

"The Kikong Duke waged war on us because his daughter never married you, Peder."

I felt immediate guilt.

"Oh man." I looked helplessly at both of them. Drake was looking at me and Destiny stared, dazed, at the floor.

"I se llamm cree de yir, Peder." Destiny muttered.

Drake translated, "She doesn't blame you Peder." Then he whispered, "Mert re fop las cray."

"Maybe." Destiny responded. Then she looked up. "First, we have to tell the head councillor."

"Mm hm. Let's go." Drake stood up and pulled Destiny to her feet.


At the council meeting, things were getting confusing.

"If we do interfere, then what?"

"We might save the kingdom."

"What if the king doesn't want our help?"

"Should we just let him come to us?"

"He doesn't know you exist!" I called into the arguement. I couldn't understand why Destiny and Drake just stood there.

"Quiet down everyone!" The Head Councilman called. "Thank you for your contribution, Peder. Now, we need to resolve this in an orderly matter. Destiny, Drake, Peder, you three are excused. We may call on you soon, so stay prepared."

Destiny and Drake both nodded and left the room. I trailed after them. I hoped one of them would speak soon, but neither said a word.

The End

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